Company Info

YouExplainIt demystifies the myth of the Hollywood method, by automating a modified version of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey story structure steps into a very intuitive and thorough vlogger workflow process that poses all the right questions and offers all the right tools. The vision of YouExplainIt, was so that beginning writers, young entrepreneurs, video journalists, as well as seasoned videographers alike, can use this platform to go step-by-step, and soup to nuts, from the breaking of the story through the completion of a web video.

Having a one-stop-shop with all of the tools, training and expert advice to write, direct, promote and publish quality content all online faster and cheaper to all publishing outlets, with only a browser, democratizes the process, by removing the barriers to access, where original creators own the means of production: Where every hero can tell their story!


Greg Mandanis, Founder/President

Greg Mandanis is the original founder of YouExplainIt. He is the author of the best selling Software Project Management Kit For Dummies (Wiley and Sons), and The Genes of Wrath, from The Man From V.E.N.U.S. Series, first edition published by Dry Bones Press. Greg holds a BS degree in Business/MIS/Statistics from Cal-Poly, San Luis Obispo. He has almonst 30 years experience in the software/Media/Telecom industry including program management positions at: Technicolor, DIRECTV, IBM, Juniper Networks, and Alcatel-Lucent. Taught project management classes at Expressions College for Digital Arts and Sonoma State University.  Writes novels, screenplays, acts in films, and performs stand-up comedy.


Paul Mandanis, Digital Arts Producer/Instructor

Beginning in 2007, Paul is one of the founding members of the YouExplainIt management team and Digital Arts Instructor who was instrumental in helping identify the major capabilities of the YouExplainIt online studio toolkit at its conception. Paul worked diligently as a student-intern in collaboration with his Santa Rosa Jr. College film production instructor, Jim Helmer, to define the YouExplainIt software writing tools requirements on the course syllabus and hands on digital vidoe project exercises and in productin online video tutorials. Moreover, as a digital media filmmaking student at Santa Rosa Junior College, Loyola Marymont Univeristy and LA Film School, Paul was the first beta tester digital storyteller to validate the proof-of-concept for the YouExplainIt online studio toolkit, where he wrote, storyboarded, produced and distributed videos with only a Web browser. Paul produced and performed the DJ Face Music Video Anthology, which is available on DVD and on his YouTube channel.